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  Here’s what stun guns do to your body and brain by Fernando Marinho and Jessica Orwig on May 18, 2017, 9:19 AM The effects that stun guns cause to your body are — literally — shocking.  Follow Tech Insider: On Facebook

Here is a transcript of the video: 

Stun guns don’t just affect your body.
Your brain also takes a hit.
Stun guns shock you with 50,000 volts of electricity.
That’s 5X stronger than the maximum voltage allowed for electric fences.

When that much electricity enters your body…
… it hijacks your nervous system.

Normally, nerve cells use electricity to send information from the brain to your body… and vice versa.
If you stub your toe, for example, neurons fire electric signals to your brain which interprets them as pain.
But the human body generates at most 100 millivolts.
When you’re shocked with 500,000X that amount…
… it’s like a power surge to your nerves.

The shock overwhelms your nervous system, causing your muscles to lock up.
As a result, you can’t move and will likely fall down.
But mobility isn’t the only thing you lose.
Your brain’s ability to process new information is also impaired.
Plus, you have a harder time remembering that new information later.
Don’t worry, the damage is only temporary.
Brain function returns to normal after about 1 hour.
Luckily, your body bounces back much faster.

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